Easter Quiz

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  1. Easter is a Christian feast that ___ the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    a. commemorate
    b. commemorates
    c. will commemorate
    d. has to commemorate

  2. It is one of ___ holy days in the calendar of Christian churches.
    a. most
    b. the more
    c. more
    d. the most

  3. Easter symbolizes God's promise that ___ soul is immortal.
    a. man
    b. men
    c. man's
    d. mans'

  4. Easter was ___ a pagan festival.
    a. original
    b. originally
    c. origin
    d. originated

  5. The symbol of the Easter rabbit ___ by the Germans to America.
    a. was brought
    b. had brought
    c. was bought
    d. brought

  6. At Easter, it's a custom for children to hunt colored eggs and place ___ in an Easter basket.
    a. their
    b. it
    c. them
    d. its

  7. Rabbits are also associated ___ Easter.
    a. to
    b. upon
    c. within
    d. with

  8. The Easter Bunny is a symbol of ___ and new life.
    a. fertilization
    b. fertility
    c. fertile
    d. fertilized

  9. The egg is a symbol of ___ in many cultures, thus it's associated with Easter.
    a. rebirth
    b. birthday
    c. birthing
    d. born

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