Expressions II

Choose the correct answer and then chick on the
answer button to see if it's correct.

  1. The heating ___ last night and we couldn't fix it.
    went off
    turned off
  2. He ___ his last chance of being promoted.
    gave away
    took away
  3. I'm ___ with your complaints.
    filled up
    fed up
  4. Don't ___ his campaign promises.
    fall for
    feel for
  5. It took the firefighters many hours to ___ the fire.
    die out
    put out
  6. I can't hear you. ___ the radio.
    Put down
    Turn down
  7. The meeting had to be ___ until next week.
    put off
    set off
  8. She couldn't ___ all the candles on the cake with one breath.
    blow out
    throw out
  9. I ___ the letter before throwing it in the trash.
    zipped up
    tore up
  10. Are you ___ a place to stay in San Francisco?
    looking for
    watching for
  11. The plane will ___ soon.
    leave off
    take off

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