Guess the Word

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  1. ___ rained all day yesterday.

  2. Brush your ___ after every meal.

  3. A ___ year has 366 days.

  4. It's our secret, so don't let the ___ out of the bag.

  5. Close all the windows and turn ___ the lights before leaving the house.

  6. It's too ___ in here. I can't see anything. Please turn on the lights.

  7. She really sounds ___ Mom when she talks like that!

  8. He got an A in math. He ___ be proud of himself.

  9. I have been ___ for a cab for half an hour. Are the drivers on a strike?

  10. Her twins ___ born last month.

  11. ___ matter what he says, it won't help us.

  12. My mother's mother is my ___.

  13. Even though I went to ___ late, I could not sleep.

  14. ___ are ten students in my class. How many in yours?

  15. ___ you like some coffee?

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