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  1. Halloween is celebrated on ___.
    a. February 14th
    b. July 14th
    c. October 31st
    d. December 25th

  2. The word comes from medieval England's All Hallows' ___.
    a. eve
    b. time
    c. month
    d. rite

  3. It's believed that ___ have supernatural powers, and that they fly on broomsticks.
    a. Wizards
    b. Witches
    c. Fairies
    d. Ghosts

  4. Halloween is the time for ___ fun.
    a. spooky
    b. frosty
    c. very
    d. plenty

  5. ___ and black are colors associated with Halloween.
    a. Blue
    b. Red
    c. Orange
    d. Green

  6. ___ are carved into Jack-o'-Lanterns.
    a. Pumpkins
    b. Melons
    c. Potatoes
    d. Onions

  7. Children wear scary ___.
    a. habits
    b. costumes
    c. gowns
    d. customs

  8. Children go from door to door asking for ___.
    a. tricks
    b. treats
    c. money
    d. coins

  9. When children go to someone's door they say "___."
    a. Trick or treat
    b. Treat or trick
    c. Treat or treat
    d. Trick or beat

  10. ___ are also associated with Halloween.
    a. Black dogs
    b. Brown bears
    c. Black cats
    d. White cats
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