USA Celebrations & Holidays

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  1. The first day of the year (January 1st) is known ___ New Year's Day.

  2. Martin Luther King Day is observed on the 3rd Monday in January ___ commemoration of the birthday of the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. Presidents' Day is observed on the 3rd Monday in February ___ alegal holiday.

  4. Presidents' Day is celebrated in honor of George Washington, the first president of the US, and Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, ___ birthdays fall in February.

  5. Valentine's Day (February 14th) is the day on ___ sweethearts exchange gifts or go out to dinner.

  6. April Fools' Day (April 1st) is recognized ___ a day marked by the playing of practical jokes.

  7. All mothers are honored on Mother's Day, ___ is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May.

  8. Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) honors the US soldiers ___ died in war.

  9. Flag Day is celebrated ___ June 14th.

  10. On the 3rd Sunday in June homage is paid ___ all fathers.

  11. Independence Day (July 4th) celebrates ___ signing of the Declaration of Independence.

  12. Labor Day ___ celebrated on the 1st Monday in September in honor ofthe working class.

  13. Columbus Day (the 2nd Monday in October) celebrates the discovery in 1492 of the New World ___ Christopher Columbus.

  14. Election Day (the 1st Tuesday in November) is a day set by law ___ the election of public officials.

  15. Veterans Day (November 11th) is observed in honor of the US veterans ___ the armed services.

  16. Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday in November) is observed in the US as the day to thank God ___ all one owns.

  17. Christmas (December 25th) is a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth ___ Jesus Christ.

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