Indirect Questions

Start the sentence with the words given in parentheses.
Click the answer button to see the answer.

  1. Who built that enormous bridge? (I wonder...)

  2. What's Brazil like? (I want to find out...)

  3. Did Benjamin Franklin write 'Poor Richard's Almanac'? (I can't remember ....)

  4. How do you do it? (Can you tell me ...)

  5. Who did you meet at the party? (I'd like to know ...)

  6. How long have you been waiting for me? (I wonder ...)

  7. What happened to them? (Nobody cares ...)

  8. How important is that meeting to the company? (Can you tell me ...)

  9. When was the film produced? (Nobody remembers ...)

  10. Have they flown an ultralight too? (I don't know ...)

  11. What is it called in English? (I can't remember ....)

  12. Should people be allowed to smoke in public places? (I'd like to know ....)

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