John's Life

A Verb-Form Exercise

Read the text carefully and change the verbs to the correct form.
Then click on the button to see if you got the right answer.

John was born on a little farm back East. He was happy even though he a harsh life cultivating his field. One day he by a heavy storm. When the storm he that his plantation He despondent and that he could no longer live on the farm. He to move somewhere else. He the farm and to the city. The hustle and bustle of the city John a lot, but he to go back to his farm. John's life in the city was very difficult. The only person he was Tom, a distant relative, who was a very patient and understanding person and who to help John to get used to in the city.

Copyright (C) 1997 Vera Mello (vcqm@ruralsp.com.br)
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