Phrasal Verb Practice -Assorted Verbs

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  1. The concert was ___ because of the rain.
    a. called off
    b. blacked out
    c. turned off

  2. How did he ___ their bad behavior.
    a. come to
    b. account for
    c. jot down

  3. He must be about 90. He is really ___.
    a. getting on
    b. bringing up
    c. bringing forward

  4. In the end everything ___ OK.
    a. turned out
    b. wore out
    c. climb up

  5. Can you ___ all right or should I get a ladder?
    a. fall through
    b. climb down
    c. barge in

  6. I am sorry that I am late. I got ___ in traffic.
    a. lifted off
    b. held down
    c. caught up

  7. I was so angry that I ___ in protest.
    a. gave up
    b. walked out
    c. ran over

  8. The man was ___ of jail early for good behavior.
    a. let out
    b. bent down
    c. sent down

  9. Even though he was tired, he ___ going.
    a. kept on
    b. brought out
    c. fell over

  10. After the accident a lot of people ___.
    a. turned out
    b. set out
    c. crowded around

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