Phrasal Verb Practice Using "Up"

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  1. I am so tired today because I ___ up early.
    a. built
    b. cheer
    c. got

  2. I missed a lot of classes so I have to work hard to ___ up.
    a. save
    b. catch
    c. lock

  3. I don't know the telephone number so I'll have to ___ it up.
    a. mix
    b. look
    c. use

  4. If you don't ___ up, we will be late.
    a. hurry
    b. bring
    c. draw

  5. Her husband died so she had to ___ up the children alone.
    a. blow
    b. bring
    c. crop

  6. The traffic was ___ up because of road work.
    a. held
    b. freshend
    c. kept

  7. The police ___ up the political demonstration.
    a. got
    b. turned
    c. broke

  8. You should always ___ up any words you don't know in a dictionary.
    a. get
    b. look
    c. cheer

  9. I can't believe he ___ up the bill and paid for our dinner.
    a. set
    b. put
    c. picked

  10. The boy ___ up his seat to the old lady.
    a. made
    b. gave
    c. came

Copyright (C) 1998 by Letitia Bradley.
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