Correct or Incorrect use of preposition?

Click the answer button to see whether
the sentence is correct (c) or incorrect (i).

  1. She's a very selfish person who doesn't show any consideration for others.
  2. On our school the teachers' basic hourly rate was increased by 5%.
  3. When we said: "the time is over", the young girl glanced quickly on her watch.
  4. There's a fine of 25 cents a day at overdue library books.
  5. In the beginning of his career he had very little success.
  6. He forgot to consider the rise in the cost of living.
  7. This ticket entitles you to a free meal in our new restaurant.
  8. Why did the burden to bringing up her two brothers fall on her shoulders?
  9. When I came through the customs at the airport, I had to pay duty about an electric knife I had in my luggage.
  10. The botanist discovered some new specimens of flowers on that island.

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