Simple Present or Present Continuous?

Click the answer buttons to see the answers. Don't use contracted form.

  1. Look! It ___ (snow). We are going to have a white Christmas.

  2. They ___ (usually/travel) to the mountains, but this summer they ___ (travel) to the beach.

  3. Bob ___ (watch) the news on TV every morning.

  4. I have to go now. It ___ (get) dark.

  5. Online courses ___ (require) self-discipline.

  6. They ___ (have) a great time at today's party.

  7. Who _____ (he/wait for?) I guess for his mother.

  8. How often _____ (you/eat out)? Not very often. Once a month.

  9. You ___ (look) sad. What's the matter?

  10. Would you like some chocolate? No, thanks. I ___ (hate) chocolate.

  11. Don't go. Bob still ___ (need) to talk to you.

  12. Who ___ (do) the dishes every day in your house? My sister.

  13. Why ___ (you/believe/neg) him? He ___ (tell) you the truth.

  14. Becky ___ (live) with some friends until she ___ (find) her own apartment.

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