Spelling Quiz - Animals

Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

  1. alligatoraligator
  2. wildebeestwildebeast
  3. antilopeantelope
  4. reindearreindeer
  5. caribucaribou
  6. pekinesepekenise
  7. buffalobufallo
  8. lynk lynx
  9. cheetah chetah
  10. girafegiraffe
  11. lhama llama
  12. hyena hiena
  13. gorila gorilla
  14. kangoroo kangaroo
  15. python pithon
  16. chimpanzee chimpanze
  17. walrus wallrus
  18. porpoise purpoise

Copyright (C) 1997 Vera Mello (vcqm@ruralsp.com.br)
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