Saint Patrick's Quiz

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  1. Saint Patrick's Day is ___ Irish holiday honoring Saint Patrick.
    a. the
    b. an
    c. ones
    d. [nothing]

  2. Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated ___ March 17th.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. about

  3. Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary who ___ credit forthe conversion of Ireland ___ paganism.
    a. gave / from
    b. is given/ of
    c. has given / about
    d. was given / from

  4. Shamrock is ___ traditional symbol ___ Saint Patrick's Day.
    a. the / of
    b. the / for
    c. X / of
    d. X / off

  5. A shamrock resembles a ___ clover.
    a. three-leaf
    b. three-leaves
    c. tree-leaf
    d. three-leafs

  6. Saint Patrick used the shamrock ___ a metaphor to explain theconcept of the Trinity (father, son and holy spirit).
    a. like
    b. as if
    c. as
    d. how

  7. Green is ___ Saint Patrick's Day because ___ the color of spring, Ireland, and the shamrock.
    a. associated with / is
    b. associated with / it is
    c. associate with / it is
    d. associate / is

  8. The first American celebration of Saint Patrick's Day ___ in Boston, Massachusetts in 1737.
    a. held
    b. has held
    c. is held
    d. was held

  9. The largest parade ___ Saint Patrick takes place in New York City.
    a. in honor of
    b. honoring of
    c. with honor of
    d. on honor of

  10. The Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin is perhaps the most famous cathedral ___ Saint Patrick.
    a. named by
    b. named for
    c. named after
    d. named from

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