Various Questions II

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  1. She was angry ___ being left alone.
    a. with
    b. at

  2. That woman dressed ___ is my neighbor.
    a. in black
    b. with black

  3. I'm sure there's no secret between ___
    a. you and I.
    b. you and me.

  4. I must ___ the bill today.
    a. pay
    b. pay for

  5. The dentist told him ___ forget to brush his teeth beforegoing to bed.
    a. not to
    b. to not

  6. ___ such bad accident.
    a. Never I have seen
    b. Never have I seen

  7. I don't know where ___
    a. the bookstore is.
    b. is the bookstore

  8. She has just finished reading ___ chapters of the book.
    a. the two first
    b. the first two

  9. What ___ this is!
    a. delicious coffee
    b. a delicious coffee

  10. He was ___ for murder.
    a. hung
    b. hanged

  11. He's ___ a man that nobody likes him.
    a. so stubborn
    b. such stubborn

  12. Hemingway and Steinbeck are excellent writers, but I prefer ___
    a. the last
    b. the latter

  13. They are using new ___ in their industry.
    a. machineries
    b. machinery

  14. John, as well as his brother, ___ coming to the party.
    a. is
    b. are

  15. ___ we walked home.
    a. After
    b. Afterwards

  16. He flunked biology. Now he wishes he ___ more.
    a. studied
    b. had studied

  17. ___ he is right or wrong does not concern us.
    a. Whether
    b. If

  18. It's mandatory that he ___ there on time.
    a. is
    b. be
  19. Copyright 1998 by Vera Mello (vcqm@ruralsp.com.br)
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