Various Questions III

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  1. He ___ smoke a lot, but after he developed a lung disease, he decided to quit smoking.
    a. used to
    b. was used to

  2. My life was rather dull ___ I decided to move to the city.
    a. unless
    b. until

  3. His watch ___
    a. has been stolen.
    b. has stolen

  4. Little ___ that their plan has been discovered.
    a. do they suspect
    b. they suspect

  5. ___ the rain, we went to the club.
    a. Despite
    b. Despite of

  6. He didn't go to the party. Now he regrets ___ so.
    a. not having done
    b. not have done

  7. If I had known I'd hurt him so much, I ___ that.
    a. couldn't have said
    b. wouldn't have said

  8. Personally I ___ go to Greece.
    a. would rather
    b. would prefer

  9. She hasn't read the article, nor ___ the essay.
    a. has written
    b. has she written

  10. Margareth ___ her mother the prize she had gotten in the competition.
    a. proudly showed
    b. showed proudly

  11. Have you picked up my ___ by mistake?
    a. car's key
    b. car key

  12. I wonder how much ___
    a. that car is.
    b. is that car

  13. Our customer's money ___ if they're not satisfied with the product.
    a. will be refunded
    b. will have been refunded

  14. It's clearly stated that you ___ copy the site without written permission from the webmaster.
    a. should not
    b. ought not

  15. This ticket ___ a free meal in our new cafeteria.
    a. entitles you to
    b. entitles you for

  16. The price of oil ___ several times in the last two years.
    a. has gone up
    b. went up

  17. ___ for the TOEFL exam in June, we took a sham exam in April.
    a. Prepare
    b. To prepare

  18. I'm sure that by the end of this week, I ___ the hang of HTML.
    a. will have been getting
    b. will have gotten

  19. Everything depends on ___ we get a raise in our salary.
    a. if
    b. whether

  20. The policeman is demanding that the thief ___ the crime.
    a. confess
    b. confesses
  21. Copyright 1998 by Vera Mello (vcqm@ruralsp.com.br)
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