The World Cup

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  1. The acronym FIFA ___ Federation Internationale de Football Association.
    a. stays for
    b. stands for
    c. strikes for

  2. FIFA ___ in Paris on May 21st, 1904.
    a. was founded
    b. was found
    c. was funded

  3. The FIFA World Cup is the ___ single-sport event.
    a. world largest
    b. world's largest
    c. world's larger

  4. Except during the war years, the World Cup event ___ every four years since 1930.
    a. takes place
    b. took place
    c. has taken place

  5. ___ sports event of the modern era has won the popularity of the World Cup.
    a. No others
    b. No other
    c. Not others

  6. The first World Cup ___ in Uruguay in 1930.
    a. was held
    b. was hold
    c. was being held

  7. Jules Rimet, the third president of FIFA, takes the credit ___ the idea of ___ the world's best national football teams to decide the world champions.
    a. of, gather
    b. for, gather
    c. for, gathering

  8. In the 15 tournaments ___ , only six countries have become the world champions: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and England.
    a. to date
    b. dating
    c. date

  9. In 1994, Brazil became the cup-holder ___ the ___ time.
    a. for, four
    b. in, fourth
    c. for, fourth

  10. ___ two World Cup trophies in the 65-year history of the tournaments.
    a. There has been
    b. There have been
    c. There had been

  11. The first World Cup trophy was ___ by the French sculptor Abel Lafleur.
    a. desired
    b. designated
    c. designed

  12. Abel Lafleur created Jules Rimet statuette ___ gold ___ a base ___ semi-precious stones.
    a. with, in, of
    b. in, on, of
    c. with, on, of

  13. Jules Rimet Cup was awarded ___ Brazil after ___ third World Cup triumph in Mexico in 1970.
    a. to, his
    b. for, its
    c. to, its

  14. In 1983 Jules Rimet Cup was stolen in Brazil and ___ .
    a. must not be recovered
    b. could not be recovered
    c. should not be recovered

  15. The Brazilian Football Association replaced Jules Rimet Cup ___ a replica.
    a. with
    b. in
    c. for

  16. The second official World Cup trophy has been in use ___ 1974.
    a. since
    b. in
    c. for

  17. Today's official World Cup trophy ___ the possession of the FIFA.
    a. remained
    b. is remaining
    c. remains

  18. Nowadays the winners ___ the World Cup are awarded a replica ___ the trophy.
    a. in, of
    b. on, of
    c. of, of

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