The Great Preposition Mystery
Chapter One Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on Chapter One of The Great Preposition Mystery by Lin Lougheed.

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  1. What is the British English word for an apartment?

  2. Which USA states does Arizona border on?

  3. What do you do when you bend your head slightly forward and raise it quickly usually as a sign of greeting or agreement?

  4. What is another way to say Judgement Day?

  5. Which part of your body do you use when you reach out for something?

  6. What do we call the joint of the arm between the wrist and the shoulder?

  7. Which 6-letter word means careful management of one's money?

  8. Which phrasal verb from "Sara Arrives" means to tease?

  9. How can you say "to catch a draft" in another way, by changing one word in the phrase?

  10. On Halloween children in the USA walk from house to house and shout "Trick or ___!". What is the missing word?

  11. What material is the lightweight sheet that Sara puts over her sleeping daughter most likely to be made of?

  12. It is known that it is impolite in the USA to stare openly at people. What do you keep wide open when you stare at somebody?

  13. An heir is a person who inherits another's property or title upon the other's death. What is the word for a female heir?

  14. What are the British English words for a subway?

  15. What vehicles are there in the subway?

  16. What do we call somebody who is eager to learn, to know, and to be informed?

  17. When somebody leaves by train or bus at 6:00, we say that 6:00 is his departure time. What do we call the time when the train or bus arrives?

  18. Which part of the body do sleeves cover?

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