Link to Projects Using's Data and/or the Tanaka Corpus

Japanese Study

Some of these don't credit, so perhaps they are still using the PD Tanaka Corpus data.

English Study

Typing Practice

English Audio

Russian-English & Russian-German


Attribution Was Not Found - Remember the Tatoeba Corpus is CC-BY

  • (checked 2015-10-09)

Using Just the Tanaka Corpus, I Think.

  • When checked on Jan. 14, 2012 and again on Dec. 20, 2013, these site didn't seem to be using the data with corrections from
      This site had this message: "Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates"
      That implies fewer corrections and also that whoever runs the website isn't sharing their corrections with the Tatoeba Project.
    • (Jonathan Waller)
      The last time I was on this website, I couldn't find the sentence examples.
    • Offline:
      This one has a problem with uppercase/lowercase in searches. (If you search for "please", the "Please" in sentences is changed to "please.")
      This doesn't credit, so perhaps it is still using the PD Tanaka Corpus data.

Finding Websites That Use the Tanaka Corpus Without Recent Updates

These 2 Google searches let you easily find sites that aren't using the latest data.

A Different Interface

  • Now Offline (Someone else owns the domain name.) (Tatsuhito Nishimura) - Set up for searching the data on mobile devices, but also good for standard computers. The search engine is faster than's search engine. There is also a free iPhone app available.
    It appears that he mistakenly linked indirect links as direct links.

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