L & R in Consonant Clusters Quiz 1

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  1. ___ is a girl's name.
    a. Flan
    b. Fran

  2. Golfers ___ in the sunshine.
    a. play
    b. pray

  3. A stone will easily ___ glass.
    a. bleak
    b. break

  4. Don't ___ about foolish things!
    a. plate
    b. prate

  5. Golfers ___ to God for sunshine.
    a. play
    b. pray

  6. To shift gears, step on the ___.
    a. clutch
    b. crutch

  7. A ___ is an ugly, nasty old woman.
    a. clone
    b. crone

  8. Two is company and three is a ___.
    a. cloud
    b. crowd

  9. Pierrot is the French word for ___.
    a. clown
    b. crown

  10. The plant's leaves show signs of ___.
    a. blight
    b. bright

  11. The desk light was attached by a ___.
    a. clamp
    b. cramp

  12. The burglar used soot to ___ his face.
    a. blacken
    b. bracken

  13. ___ is the name of a pie-like dessert.
    a. Flan
    b. Fran

  14. A small group of trees in called a ___.
    a. glove
    b. grove

  15. Barley is a widely grown ___ in Canada.
    a. clop
    b. crop

  16. She went to the hospital for a ___ test.
    a. blood
    b. brood

  17. Carnivores eat the ___ of other animals.
    a. fresh
    b. flesh

  18. A clearing in a forest is known as a ___.
    a. glade
    b. grade

  19. The horror movie gave the audience a ___.
    a. flight
    b. fright

  20. Hollywood is known for it ___ and sparkle.
    a. grits
    b. glitz

  21. My favorite ___ of jeans is Calvin Klein.
    a. bland
    b. brand

  22. The chef put the burning coals in the ___.
    a. blazer
    b. brazier
    c. brassiere
    d. brasserie

  23. To ___ old is to be feared above all else.
    a. glow
    b. grow

  24. A ___ has two hands, a face and tells time.
    a. clock
    b. crock

  25. A serving dish that is flat is called a ___.
    a. plate
    b. prate

  26. To ___ means to remove the skin of an animal
    a. flay
    b. fray

  27. The paper used in magazines has a shiny ___.
    a. gloss
    b. gross

  28. They had to ___ the mirror against the wall.
    a. plop
    b. prop

  29. One of the most popular shellfish is the ___.
    a. clam
    b. cram

  30. The Queen of England wears a ___ on her head.
    a. clown
    b. crown

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