L & R in Consonant Clusters Quiz 2

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  1. For best results, ___ the chicken in corn oil.
    a. fly
    b. fry

  2. The boy virtually ___ three inches over night.
    a. glue
    b. grew

  3. A small herring fish is commonly called a ___.
    a. splat
    b. sprat

  4. In order to ___ almonds, remove the outer skin.
    a. blanch
    b. branch

  5. Birds and sheep gather in a group called a ___.
    a. flock
    b. frock

  6. Food or drink with no taste is said to be ___.
    a. bland
    b. brand

  7. The anchor was raised using a motor driven ___.
    a. clank
    b. crank

  8. The baby was born feet first in a ___ position.
    a. breach
    b. bleach
    c. breech

  9. It was difficult to ___ through the heavy snow.
    a. plod
    b. prod

  10. To apply makeup you should use a ___ or sponge.
    a. blush
    b. brush

  11. The potter will ___ the ceramic to make it shiny
    a. graze
    b. glaze

  12. The knife was so ___ that it could not cut tofu.
    a. blunt
    b. brunt

  13. They are waiting to board the transatlantic ___.
    a. flight
    b. fright

  14. Alabama is known for its ___ and black-eyed peas.
    a. grits
    b. glitz

  15. He disappeared from my view in the ___ of an eye.
    a. blink
    b. brink

  16. ___ computers are among the fastest in the world.
    a. Cray
    b. Clay

  17. All prisoners or oppressed people want to be ___.
    a. flee
    b. free

  18. Charmaine went into a dress shop to buy a new ___.
    a. flock
    b. frock

  19. The farmer ___ the field before planting the seeds
    a. plowed
    b. proud

  20. The ___ trained every day for the summer Olympics.
    a. splinter
    b. sprinter

  21. A ___ is an identical replica of another organism.
    a. clone
    b. crone

  22. A jet regularly ___ at an altitude of 20,000 feet.
    a. flies
    b. fries

  23. A common cut of meat used for stewing is ___ steak.
    a. flank
    b. frank

  24. The leak of official secrets was a ___ of security.
    a. breach
    b. bleach
    c. breech

  25. A ___ is an amphibian that develops from a tadpole.
    a. flog
    b. frog

  26. He lost his money on the stock market so he was ___.
    a. bloke
    b. broke

  27. Colors that do not go well together are said to ___.
    a. clash
    b. crash

  28. His voice was tired so he seemed to ___ like a frog.
    a. cloak
    b. croak

  29. She stuck her finger with a needle and began to ___.
    a. bleed
    b. breed

  30. The tree had one enormous ___ hanging over the river.
    a. blanch
    b. branch

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