L & R in Consonant Clusters Quiz 3

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  1. An enlarged lymph ___ may be an indication of illness.
    a. gland
    b. grand

  2. The ___ from the waterfall made the nearby rocks damp
    a. splay
    b. spray

  3. The lonely landscape with no trees felt ___ and cold.
    a. bleak
    b. break

  4. He asked her to be sincere and ___ about her feelings.
    a. flank
    b. frank

  5. The emblem on the front of his jacket is called a ___.
    a. brazen
    b. blazon

  6. One variety of ___ or adhesive is made from horse hooves
    a. glue
    b. grew

  7. It is natural to want to ___ from a dangerous situation.
    a. flee
    b. free

  8. French ___ are long strips of potato cooked in hot oil.
    a. flies
    b. fries

  9. Orange, yellow and pink are considered to be ___ colors.
    a. blight
    b. bright

  10. A ___ is helpful for people with broken or injured legs.
    a. clutch
    b. crutch

  11. When a person is sad, they usually ___ rather than smile.
    a. flown
    b. frown

  12. A former British coin of very low value was called a ___.
    a. gloat
    b. groat

  13. The pirates made the traitor walk the ___ , a narrow board.
    a. plank
    b. prank

  14. The lights from the city ___ for miles in the evening sky.
    a. glow
    b. grow

  15. The farmer was in a race to ___ the field before sun down.
    a. plow
    b. prow

  16. Glass was scattered everywhere after the three vehicle ___.
    a. clash
    b. crash

  17. The water filled balloon landed on the sidewalk with a ___.
    a. splat
    b. sprat

  18. Let me ___ quickly to the store rather than taking the car.
    a. splint
    b. sprint

  19. If you ___ or worry about the past, nothing will get better!
    a. blood
    b. brood

  20. She had to stop swimming because of a ___ in her leg muscle.
    a. clamp
    b. cramp

  21. Flowers ___ in the spring as soon as it gets warm and sunny.
    a. bloom
    b. broom

  22. I am so ___ and relieved that he has completed his education.
    a. glad
    b. grad

  23. Use a tool like a set of ___ to grasp the wire and twist it.
    a. pliers
    b. priors

  24. The invalid's ___ body was supported by pillows and cushions.
    a. flail
    b. frail

  25. A border made of antique wood is a nice way to ___ a picture.
    a. flame
    b. frame

  26. It was a well known ___, an informal, cheap French restaurant.
    a. blazer
    b. brazier
    c. brassiere
    d. brasserie

  27. He bore the ___ of most complaints because he was the manager.
    a. blunt
    b. brunt

  28. The rancher only allows the strongest animals to mate and ___.
    a. bleed
    b. breed

  29. Many facial tissues have a three ___ or three layer thickness.
    a. ply
    b. pry

  30. Studying all night before a test is one way to ___ for an exam.
    a. clam
    b. cram

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