L & R in Consonant Clusters Quiz 4

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  1. A ___ is formed by the condensation of water vapor in cold air.
    a. cloud
    b. crowd

  2. Although he was an odd person, I thought that he was a nice ___.
    a. bloke
    b. broke

  3. To ___ the mouse, lightly tap the button with your index finger.
    a. click
    b. crick

  4. The sound of the horse's hooves hitting the pavement was "___".
    a. clop
    b. crop

  5. She had to ___ the cow with a stick to get it to enter the gate.
    a. plod
    b. prod

  6. The expedition came to the ___ of disaster before it turned back.
    a. blink
    b. brink

  7. The farmer is ___ of the fine harvest that he got from his fields.
    a. plowed
    b. proud

  8. The ___ waited anxiously at the front of the church for his bride.
    a. gloom
    b. groom

  9. My uncle is an amateur beer maker who enjoys sampling his own ___.
    a. blew
    b. brew

  10. Fresh flowers were ___ in by jet daily to keep up with the demand.
    a. flown
    b. frown

  11. When he dropped the mirror it developed a ___ but it did not break.
    a. clack
    b. crack

  12. Sheep and cattle ___ in fields chewing straw, hay and other plants.
    a. glaze
    b. graze

  13. Be careful not to walk on the broken ___ because you might get cut.
    a. glass
    b. grass

  14. Chickens do not ___ because they lack proper feathers on their wings
    a. fly
    b. fry

  15. Compulsory education in many countries continues to the twelfth ___.
    a. glade
    b. grade

  16. The ___ room is where the coats are hung at a theatre or auditorium.
    a. cloak
    b. croak

  17. Use a ___ made of boards or poles to keep a broken limb immobilized.
    a. splint
    b. sprint

  18. The ___ in the Olympic torch went out several times during the relay.
    a. flame
    b. frame

  19. The worker poured liquid ___ into the wash basin to whiten the cloth
    a. breach
    b. bleach
    c. breech

  20. The raw edges of cloth will ___ or unravel unless they are stitched.
    a. flay
    b. fray

  21. Be careful not to walk on the ___ when it is wet because you might slip.
    a. glass
    b. grass

  22. The ___ of the boat cut through the water like a knife through butter.
    a. plow
    b. prow

  23. His ___ had his school's coat of arms embroidered on the front pocket.
    a. blazer
    b. brazier
    c. brassiere
    d. brasserie

  24. Why do you put ___ on you cheeks when your complexion is already rosy?
    a. blush
    b. brush

  25. The ___ of the chain could be heard for miles as the anchor was lowered.
    a. clank
    b. crank

  26. She wore a padded ___ under her sweater to make her breasts look bigger.
    a. blazer
    b. brazier
    c. brassiere
    d. brasserie

  27. ___ flower pots are attractive and versatile although they break easily.
    a. Cray
    b. Clay

  28. He wiped the sweat from his ___ so that it would not drip in to his eyes.
    a. blow
    b. brow

  29. The sudden collapse of the table made its legs ___ out in all directions.
    a. splay
    b. spray

  30. Some countries still ___ or whip their criminals as punishment for crime.
    a. flog
    b. frog

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