Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 2

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  1. A popular grain for bread and whiskey making is ___.
    a. rye
    b. wry

  2. A popular sport in Hawaii is ___ boarding.
    a. serf
    b. surf

  3. A rank lower than general is ___.
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  4. A row boat needs at more than one ___.
    a. oar
    b. ore
    c. or

  5. A samurai's most valued possession was his ___
    a. soared
    b. sword

  6. A show dog is a thorough __.
    a. bread
    b. bred

  7. A single ___ dropped on to her cheek.
    a. tear
    b. tier

  8. A skunk smells its own ___ first.
    a. scent
    b. sent
    c. cent

  9. A snowy owl ___ upon mice, rabbits and other small animals.
    a. praise
    b. prays
    c. preys

  10. A son is a ___ child.
    a. mail
    b. male

  11. A vein of gold in a mine is known as the mother ___.
    a. load
    b. lode

  12. A wheel ___ is someone who fixes or makes wheels.
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  13. A wild pig is also known as a ___.
    a. boar
    b. bore

  14. A woman can become a ___ or a priest in the Anglican Church.
    a. known
    b. none
    c. nun

  15. After all that I have been ___, you want me to give this up?
    a. thorough
    b. through

  16. After she passed the bar exam she began to ___ as a lawyer in New York
    a. practice
    b. practise.

  17. All those opposed should say ___.
    a. nay
    b. neigh

  18. All was ___ at the farm on the night before the storm.
    a. quiet
    b. quite

  19. Although she was untidy, April did not complain because she was a ___ friend.
    a. dear
    b. deer

  20. Always try to buy low and ___ high.
    a. sell
    b. cell

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