Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 3

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  1. An ___ is a pot or vessel.
    a. urn
    b. earn

  2. An area of land without trees is a ___.
    a. step
    b. steppe

  3. Andrew ___ his bicycle to school every day.
    a. road
    b. rode
    c. rowed

  4. Apple sauce is a nice ___ to roast pork.
    a. complement
    b. compliment

  5. Are there any amusement parks in this ___?
    a. local
    b. locale

  6. Are you ___ dressed?
    a. already
    b. all ready

  7. Are you a boy ___ a girl?
    a. oar
    b. ore
    c. or

  8. Are you for ___ or is this just an act?
    a. real
    b. reel

  9. Are you in ___?
    a. pain
    b. pane

  10. As ___ falls the stars start to appear in the sky.
    a. night
    b. knight

  11. Bad news reporting makes me see ___.
    a. read
    b. red

  12. Be careful not to ___ that big fish in too fast.
    a. real
    b. reel

  13. Be sure there is enough daylight to make your ___ down the mountain.
    a. decent
    b. descent
    c. dissent

  14. Better ___ than never.
    a. later
    b. latter

  15. Birds catch worms that come out with the morning ___.
    a. dew
    b. do
    c. due

  16. Bread tastes better the longer you ___ the dough.
    a. need
    b. knead

  17. Brian invited ___ of his friends to his birthday party.
    a. known
    b. none
    c. nun

  18. But I ____ it would be all right.
    a. though
    b. thought

  19. Can you ___ a way for me to carry three bags at one time?
    a. device
    b. devise

  20. Can you ___ the apples for me?
    a. peal
    b. peel

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