Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 4

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  1. Can you make any ___ of this note?
    a. sense
    b. since

  2. Carol eats ___ with every meal.
    a. bread
    b. bred

  3. Carry the water in a ___.
    a. pail
    b. pale

  4. Categories are only valid if they are ___.
    a. discreet
    b. discrete

  5. Cathy was the ___ survivor of the plane crash.
    a. sole
    b. soul

  6. Change your ___ and put the dirty ones in the laundry basket.
    a. cloths
    b. clothes

  7. Changing the bandage often will help it ___.
    a. heal
    b. heel

  8. Chickens can also be referred to as poultry or ___.
    a. foul
    b. fowl

  9. Chuck heard his team mates ___ when his shot missed the goal.
    a. groan
    b. grown

  10. Cocaine is an ___ drug.
    a. elicit
    b. illicit

  11. Come over ___ and say that again!
    a. hear
    b. here

  12. Company ___ dropped when the cutback and layoffs were announced.
    a. moral
    b. morale

  13. Decaying fish makes an extremely ___ smell.
    a. foul
    b. fowl

  14. Diane Fossey was famous for her work with the mountain ___ groups in Rwanda.
    a. gorilla
    b. guerrilla

  15. Do not ___ illness to get out of work.
    a. fain
    b. feign

  16. Do not ___ in the affairs of other.
    a. medal
    b. meddle
    c. mettle

  17. Do not ___ the lily. Simple is best.
    a. gild
    b. guild

  18. Do not ___ to me.
    a. lie
    b. lye

  19. Do you ___ the way to San Jose?
    a. know
    b. no

  20. Do you know ___ I can get a map?
    a. ware
    b. wear
    c. where

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