Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 8

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  1. He was ___ unprepared for the warm reception that her family gave him.
    a. holy
    b. wholly

  2. He was a ___ enough fellow even if he was not wealthy.
    a. decent
    b. descent
    c. dissent

  3. He was a ___ killer.
    a. cereal
    b. serial

  4. He was in a ___ after she broke up with him.
    a. days
    b. daze

  5. He was in high ___ because he was so unfairly treated.
    a. dudgeon
    b. dungeon

  6. He was promoted to ___ in the army.
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  7. He was released from jail after he posted $50,000 ___.
    a. bail
    b. bale

  8. He was so cold that his lips turned ___.
    a. blew
    b. blue

  9. He wrote an ___ that compared his brother and father's appearance.
    a. assay
    b. essay

  10. Her face turned as red as a ___.
    a. beat
    b. beet

  11. Her novels regularly ___ the depths of human despair.
    a. plum
    b. plumb

  12. Her skirt was the color of ___.
    a. done
    b. dun

  13. Herbert was a ___ old bachelor until he met Molly.
    a. staid
    b. stayed

  14. His ___ attention was focussed on the film.
    a. rapt
    b. wrapped

  15. His behavior is ___ boorish and rude.
    a. altogether
    b. all together

  16. His military rank carries some ___ at the bargaining table.
    a. wait
    b. weight

  17. Hoist the ___ and head out to sea.
    a. sail
    b. sale

  18. How about eating a nice thick juicy ___?
    a. stake
    b. steak

  19. How can you hope to become a professional musician if you will not ___.
    a. practice
    b. practise

  20. How do you get ___ from here?
    a. their
    b. there
    c. they're

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