Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 11

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  1. I used to have a slim ___ when I was a teenager.
    a. waist
    b. waste

  2. I want to ___ you for your delicious meal.
    a. complement
    b. compliment

  3. I was ___ how to ride a bike when I was three.
    a. shone
    b. shown

  4. I was ___ in a small town, but I moved to the city when I was twelve.
    a. born
    b. borne

  5. I was ___ to obey my elders.
    a. taught
    b. taut

  6. I will ___ remember you..
    a. always
    b. all ways

  7. I will ___ the fruit so that you can share.
    a. halve
    b. have

  8. I will ___ the job that you offered.
    a. accept
    b. except

  9. I will ___ the job that you offered.
    a. except
    b. accept

  10. I will finish this thing if it takes for ___.
    a. ever
    b. every

  11. I will have ___ of your silliness.
    a. none
    b. nun

  12. I wish you ___ here.
    a. were
    b. where
    c. whir

  13. I work ___ that my family can eat.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  14. I would ___ like to go with you.
    a. knot
    b. not

  15. I would ___ stay here with you forever.
    a. fain
    b. feign

  16. I would like some, ___.
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  17. I would not make a good surgeon because I have a ___ stomach.
    a. weak
    b. week

  18. I would rather be a hammer ___ a nail.
    a. than
    b. then

  19. If flowers are left out of water they will wither and ___.
    a. die
    b. dye

  20. If someone offers to ___ the hatchet, it means they want to stop fighting.
    a. berry
    b. bury

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