Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 12

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  1. If the ___ fits, wear it.
    a. shoe
    b. shoo

  2. If you ___ to know you will find out.
    a. need
    b. knead

  3. If you do not agree you must voice your ___.
    a. decent
    b. descent
    c. dissent

  4. If you do not wash you skin properly the ___ will become clogged.
    a. pores
    b. pours

  5. If you oil the hinges of that door they wonÕt ___.
    a. creak
    b. creek

  6. If you sleep with ___ hair you will catch a cold.
    a. wet
    b. whet

  7. If you spend the day in the sun with your shoulders ___, they will burn.
    a. bare
    b. bear

  8. If you use the author's thoughts you must ___ the source.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  9. In feudal times the landowner ruled the ___.
    a. serf
    b. surf

  10. In the 1800's farmers depended on ___ horses to plow their fields.
    a. draft
    b. draught

  11. In the huge yard there was a ___ pine tree in one corner but no other large plants to speak of.
    a. loan
    b. lone

  12. Instead of fighting, let's just ___.
    a. rap
    b. wrap

  13. Introduce me to your good-looking ___.
    a. beau
    b. bow

  14. Is that a ___ tree or a birch tree?
    a. beach
    b. beech

  15. Is that what you ___?
    a. meant
    b. ment(a suffix)

  16. It is a crime to ___.
    a. steal
    b. steel

  17. It is a criminal's ___ to one day go to jail.
    a. fate
    b. fete

  18. It is a good idea to start a speech with a short ___ or story.
    a. anecdote
    b. antidote

  19. It is a serious offence to ___ the army.
    a. desert
    b. dessert

  20. It is a shame to ___ water.
    a. waist
    b. waste

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