Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 13

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  1. It is difficult to ___ used cars and insurance.
    a. cell
    b. sell

  2. It is difficult to ___ who will win the election.
    a. prophecy
    b. prophesy

  3. It is easy to cross a fence by climbing a ___.
    a. stile
    b. style

  4. It is father's job to ___ out punishment in our family.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  5. It is hard to ___ an honest living.
    a. earn
    b. urn

  6. It is illegal to ___ goods door to door.
    a. pedal
    b. peddle

  7. It is important to ___ the soil to test the metal bearing content.
    a. assay
    b. essay

  8. It is important to ___ your children when they do good work.
    a. praise
    b. prays
    c. preys

  9. It is not as ___ I meant to be selfish.
    a. though
    b. thought

  10. It is so difficult to ___ which chocolate to eat!
    a. choose
    b. chose
    c. chosen

  11. It looks like ___ but the weather forecast was for sunshine.
    a. rain
    b. reign
    c. rein

  12. It only takes a few minutes by ferryboat to go to the ___ of Wight
    a. aisle
    b. isle

  13. It takes a couple of hours for bread ___ to rise.
    a. doe
    b. dough

  14. It takes longer to ___ a mountain that it does to go down.
    a. ascend
    b. ascent
    c. assent

  15. It was a case of love at first ___.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  16. It was an ___ light that shone over the street.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

  17. It was so cold that ___ frost formed on the window.
    a. hoar
    b. whore

  18. Jerry ___ so much syrup over his pancakes that you can hardly see the plate.
    a. pores
    b. pours

  19. John ___ the trumpet so loud that his ears popped.
    a. blew
    b. blue

  20. Lake ___ is one of the five Great Lakes.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

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