Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 14

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  1. Learning by ___ memorization is not the most efficient method.
    a. rote
    b. wrote

  2. Let the ___ be forgotten.
    a. passed
    b. past

  3. Let there be ___ on Earth and let it begin with me.
    a. peace
    b. piece

  4. Lets take a five minute ___.
    a. brake
    b. break

  5. Lets take a stroll along the ___.
    a. beach
    b. beech

  6. Look carefully and you will see ___ on the shelf.
    a. their
    b. there
    c. they're

  7. Los Vegas is a great place to ___ but not always a place to win.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

  8. Love made me ___ like an eagle.
    a. soar
    b. sore

  9. Madonna is a pop ___.
    a. idle
    b. idol

  10. Malaria is a water ___ disease.
    a. born
    b. borne

  11. Many city buses expect riders to have the exact ___ ready when it is time to pay.
    a. fair
    b. fare

  12. Many couples want to ___ the orphan children in North Korea, Rwanda and Rumania.
    a. adapt
    b. adopt

  13. Marine land is featuring a trained ___.
    a. propose
    b. purpose
    c. porpoise?

  14. May I ___ that we meet later tonight?
    a. propose
    b. purpose
    c. porpoise

  15. May I be of ___?
    a. assistance
    b. assistants

  16. May I take a ___ at your new basement?
    a. peak
    b. peek
    c. pique

  17. Meet me in the back ___.
    a. lain
    b. lane

  18. Milk and cheese are examples of ___ products.
    a. dairy
    b. diary

  19. Modern buildings had a heat and smoke ___ in every room.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  20. More than money is at ___.
    a. stake
    b. steak

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