Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 15

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  1. Most drugstores sell snakebite ___.
    a. anecdote
    b. antidote

  2. Mother's ashes are kept in this ___.
    a. earn
    b. urn

  3. My colleagues are ___ of the nicest people I know.
    a. some
    b. sum

  4. My father is the ___ to the company.
    a. air
    b. heir

  5. My favorite spread for bread is ___ jam.
    a. currant
    b. current

  6. My son has ___ 10 centimeters since this past summer.
    a. groan
    b. grown

  7. Oats, wheat and barley are all used to make breakfast ___.
    a. serial
    b. cereal

  8. On the ___, he is a nice person.
    a. whole
    b. hole

  9. One of my ___ will help you.
    a. assistance
    b. assistants

  10. One of the most challenging jobs is to ___ children.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  11. One percussion instrument in the orchestra is the ___.
    a. cymbal
    b. symbol

  12. Out of ___, out of mind.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  13. Paranormal events are predicted and explained by ___.
    a. physics
    b. psychics

  14. Pass the salt ___.
    a. pleas
    b. please

  15. People respected her ___ character.
    a. doughy
    b. doughty

  16. People stop and ___ but I don't care.
    a. stair
    b. stare

  17. People usually play golf in groups of ___.
    a. for
    b. fore
    c. four

  18. Please ___ you name and identification number at the top of the page.
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  19. Please knit one ___ .
    a. pearl
    b. purl

  20. Please say "Cheese" ___ now so that I can take the picture.
    a. altogether
    b. all together

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