Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 16

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  1. Please type your password to ___ your account.
    a. access
    b. excess

  2. Plug the ___ into the electrical outlet.
    a. chord
    b. cord

  3. Quitting is not my ___.
    a. stile
    b. style

  4. Rebecca wrote every night in her ___.
    a. dairy
    b. diary

  5. Researchers try to ___ truthful responses from subjects.
    a. elicit
    b. illicit

  6. Ring the church ___ !
    a. bell
    b. belle

  7. Salem is famous for its ___ hunts.
    a. which
    b. witch

  8. She ___ the children down the street.
    a. lead
    b. led

  9. She ___ the red bicycle instead of the blue one.
    a. choose
    b. chose
    c. chosen

  10. She always thought of her husband as a kind of "___ in shining armor", a hero.
    a. knight
    b. night

  11. She always wanted to become a ___ rather than to marry.
    a. none
    b. nun

  12. She felt him ___ her in his arms.
    a. envelop
    b. envelope

  13. She gave silent ___ to the proposal.
    a. ascend
    b. ascent
    c. assent

  14. She is an expert in the ___ arts.
    a. marital
    b. martial

  15. She keeps her root vegetables in the base___.
    a. meant
    b. ment(a suffix)

  16. She made ___ inquiries about the rental price.
    a. discreet
    b. discrete

  17. She may not be very pretty but she is not exactly ___ either.
    a. plain
    b. plane

  18. She planted daisies to make a floral ___ around her yard.
    a. boarder
    b. border

  19. She survived by her ability to ___ and guile.
    a. while
    b. wile

  20. She told the campers a scary ___ about a mysterious murder.
    a. tail
    b. tale

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