Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 17

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  1. She wanted to give her baby a natural ___ at home instead of in the hospital.
    a. berth
    b. birth

  2. She was ___ a dancer but now she is a teacher.
    a. formally
    b. formerly

  3. She was ___ mad when she learned that she did not win.
    a. hoping
    b. hopping

  4. She was overcome by a fit of ___.
    a. peak
    b. peek
    c. pique

  5. She was under the ___ that she was a great singer.
    a. allusion
    b. illusion

  6. She went to the party with a pink ___ in her hair.
    a. beau
    b. bow

  7. She worked at two part time jobs to pay off her student ___.
    a. loan
    b. lone

  8. She worked on weekends at a ___ store.
    a. stationary
    b. stationery

  9. Soap is made from ___.
    a. lie
    b. lye

  10. Soloists have to ___ their skills in every performance.
    a. flautist
    b. flaunt

  11. Some people like corn on the cob but I like ___ corn.
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  12. Something that is sacred is also ___.
    a. holy
    b. wholly

  13. Sometimes elderly people ___ food in their rooms when they live in nursing homes.
    a. hoard
    b. horde

  14. Step on the ___! Stop!
    a. brake
    b. break

  15. Stop the ___ chatter and get back to work.
    a. idle
    b. idol

  16. Take a ___ of sand and dump it at the waterfront.
    a. load
    b. lode

  17. Take my ___; don't drink and drive.
    a. advice
    b. advise

  18. Take one ___ at a time.
    a. step
    b. steppe

  19. Take the trash out into the ___ and put it in the garbage can.
    a. hall
    b. haul

  20. Tell me ___ you are.
    a. were
    b. where
    c. whir

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