Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 18

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  1. Tell me directly. Don't just ___ to some problem.
    a. allude
    b. elude

  2. Tell the ___ truth and nothing but the truth.
    a. hole
    b. whole

  3. That machine makes a round ___ of hay.
    a. bail
    b. bale

  4. That meat should have been ___ out days ago.
    a. throne
    b. thrown

  5. The American ___ has the power to grant visas.
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  6. The President ___ the opening pitch.
    a. threw
    b. through

  7. The Queen sat on her ___ to open parliament.
    a. throne
    b. thrown

  8. The ___ and ice storms in Eastern Canada and the United States left many homes without power.
    a. hail
    b. hale

  9. The ___ base was in the Red Sea.
    a. naval
    b. navel

  10. The ___ bear is a very dangerous animal.
    a. grisly
    b. grizzly

  11. The ___ character in the play is a middle-aged widow.
    a. principal
    b. principle

  12. The ___ fire department has a visiting day.
    a. local
    b. locale

  13. The ___ had a party after the play was over.
    a. cast
    b. caste

  14. The ___ half of the afternoon is free.
    a. later
    b. latter

  15. The ___ is found naturally in the shell of an oyster.
    a. pearl
    b. purl

  16. The ___ is the largest mammal found in the ocean.
    a. wail
    b. whale

  17. The ___ of free speech supports the notion of censor-free publication.
    a. principal
    b. principle

  18. The ___ of her dress ripped open.
    a. seam
    b. seem

  19. The ___ of limitations ran out.
    a. statue
    b. stature
    c. statute

  20. The ___ of the mountain was hidden behind the clouds.
    a. peak
    b. peek
    c. pique

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