Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 21

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  1. The cloth was ___ but strong.
    a. coarse
    b. course

  2. The commercial jet ___ swiftly through the clouds.
    a. flew
    b. flue
    c. flu

  3. The congress passed a vote of ___ against the president.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  4. The cupid is a ___ of love.
    a. symbol
    b. cymbal

  5. The dark clouds were a sure ___ of rain.
    a. sign
    b. sine

  6. The dessert was a sliced ___ on a swirl of chocolate.
    a. pear
    b. pair
    c. pare

  7. The director was dissatisfied with the stage set so he made the crew ___ it to the ground and rebuild.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  8. The doctor's ___ waited outside the office.
    a. patience
    b. patients

  9. The dog was ___ to the post outside the store.
    a. tied
    b. tide

  10. The dog will ___ all night if you leave him outside.
    a. whine
    b. wine

  11. The drug addict was ___ to get some money.
    a. desperate
    b. disparate

  12. The drunkard walked along the street with an unsteady ___.
    a. gait
    b. gate

  13. The dry air made his throat feel ___.
    a. soar
    b. sore

  14. The dumplings were undercooked so they tasted ___.
    a. doughy
    b. doughty

  15. The eagle kept its ___ high up on a cliff.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

  16. The electrical ___ is dangerous if you touch it.
    a. currant
    b. current

  17. The elite group is called a ___.
    a. click
    b. clique

  18. The first ___ of the sun in the morning made a pink glow in the sky.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  19. The fisherman ___ to shore as soon as the storm clouds appeared on the horizon.
    a. road
    b. rode
    c. rowed

  20. The forecast is for stormy ___.
    a. weather
    b. whether

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