Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 26

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  1. They traveled for ___ with very little money.
    a. days
    b. daze

  2. Things are not as they ___.
    a. seam
    b. seem

  3. This ___ is about traffic safety.
    a. lessen
    b. lesson

  4. This car has the right of ___.
    a. way
    b. weigh

  5. This field will be the ___ of the new shopping center.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  6. This has been a ___ effort.
    a. team
    b. teem

  7. This is a very ___ decision.
    a. personal
    b. personnel

  8. This is the ___ of the proposed library building.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  9. This medication will ___ the pain.
    a. lessen
    b. lesson

  10. This new information does not ___ my opinion of him.
    a. altar
    b. alter

  11. This party is supposed to ___ our successful colleague's achievement.
    a. fate
    b. fete

  12. This pie is too ___.
    a. suite
    b. sweet

  13. Those who follow a vegetarian diet eat no ___.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  14. Tie the ___ tighter.
    a. not
    b. knot

  15. To apply for a job, visit the ___ department.
    a. personal
    b. personnel

  16. To err is ___.
    a. human
    b. humane

  17. To give someone a wide ___ means to stay out of their way.
    a. berth
    b. birth

  18. Tolstoy was a ___ Russian writer.
    a. grate
    b. great

  19. Two liters of milk should be enough to ___ us over until Monday.
    a. tied
    b. tide

  20. Use a knife to ___ the potatoes.
    a. pear
    b. pair
    c. pare

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