Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 27

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  1. Victoria had the longest ___ of any British monarch.
    a. rain
    b. reign
    c. rein

  2. Visibility was ___ because of the falling snow.
    a. nil
    b. null

  3. Wait for me __ the car.
    a. in
    b. inn

  4. Wait in line. Go to the end of the ___.
    a. cue
    b. queue

  5. Watch your steps. Take one ___ at a time.
    a. stair
    b. stare

  6. We ___ the slow car on the highway.
    a. passed
    b. past

  7. We always had a ___ living with us so our meals were never quiet.
    a. boarder
    b. border

  8. We have a ___ and a butler in our employ.
    a. made
    b. maid

  9. We like to exercise at least three days each ___.
    a. weak
    b. week

  10. We went to a ___ tasting party last night.
    a. whine
    b. wine

  11. We will know the ___ of the injuries after the x-ray.
    a. extant
    b. extent

  12. Welders wear a mask and protect their eyes by not looking at the ___ of light.
    a. arc
    b. arch

  13. What do you ___?
    a. sea
    b. see

  14. What gives you the ___ to talk to me like that?
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  15. What have you ___ that is so frightening?
    a. scene
    b. seen

  16. What is the ___ number on that bicycle?
    a. serial
    b. cereal

  17. What is the ___ of your visit to Canada?
    a. porpoise
    b. purpose

  18. Where can you ___ flannel shirts?
    a. buy
    b. by

  19. Who ___ better than you do.
    a. knows
    b. nose

  20. Will this low mark ___ my grade?
    a. affect
    b. effect

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