Homonyms - Quiz 3

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  1. A row boat needs more than one ___.
    a. oar
    b. ore

  2. The puppy had mud all over its ___.
    a. pause
    b. paws

  3. An oboe is a double ___ instrument.
    a. read
    b. reed

  4. I have never ___ such a messy room!
    a. scene
    b. seen

  5. He is the ___ owner of the company.
    a. sole
    b. soul

  6. It is not polite to ___ at someone.
    a. stair
    b. stare

  7. A rabbit looks very much like a ___.
    a. hair
    b. hare

  8. Didn't you ___ me when I called you?
    a. hear
    b. here

  9. Exercise builds ___ and reduces fat.
    a. muscle
    b. mussel

  10. Would you like a ___ of pie or cake?
    a. peace
    b. piece

  11. The bride walked slowly down the ___.
    a. aisle
    b. isle
    c. I'll

  12. The ___ is cast, the answer is clear.
    a. die
    b. dye

  13. Grandfather was a ___ and hearty man.
    a. hail
    b. hale

  14. Something that is sacred is also ___.
    a. holy
    b. wholly

  15. Have you ever eaten chow ___ noodles?
    a. main
    b. mane
    c. mein

  16. The miners were digging for iron ___.
    a. oar
    b. ore

  17. The flowers gave off a beautiful ___.
    a. scent
    b. sent
    c. cent

  18. An unmoving object is said to be ___.
    a. stationary
    b. stationery

  19. Please ___ for me outside the cinema.
    a. wait
    b. weight

  20. Dale bought a new ___ to cut his lawn.
    a. more
    b. mower

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