Homonyms - Quiz 8

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  1. The family took ___ vacation in Florida this year.
    a. they're
    b. their
    c. there

  2. He was not ___ to stay up later than 9:00 at night.
    a. allowed
    b. aloud

  3. Chickens can also be referred to as poultry or ___.
    a. foul
    b. fowl

  4. For ___ vacation we plan to visit Kansas this year.
    a. hour
    b. our

  5. The sailor was a expert at tying every kind of ___.
    a. knot
    b. not

  6. Let there be ___ on Earth and let it begin with me.
    a. peace
    b. piece

  7. I would like a table for ___ on the terrace please.
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  8. One of the most challenging jobs is to ___ children.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  9. The statistical table had three ___ and two columns.
    a. rose
    b. rows

  10. A popular grain for bread and whiskey making is ___.
    a. rye
    b. wry

  11. The ___ walked his dog down the street every morning.
    a. boy
    b. buoy

  12. Her hair was thick and ___ rather than thin and fine.
    a. coarse
    b. course

  13. My son has ___ 10 centimeters since this past summer.
    a. groan
    b. grown

  14. The dessert was a sliced ___ on a swirl of chocolate.
    a. pear
    b. pair

  15. Her novels regularly ___ the depths of human despair.
    a. plum
    b. plumb

  16. The ___ character in the play is a middle-aged widow.
    a. principal
    b. principle

  17. A series of steps that cross a fence is called a ___.
    a. stile
    b. style

  18. The ___ came in and left many seashells on the beach.
    a. tide
    b. tied

  19. She fastened the leather belt around her slender ___.
    a. waist
    b. waste

  20. Put the meat in the refrigerator or else it will ___.
    a. wrought
    b. rot

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