Homonyms - Quiz 9

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  1. A stretch of sand along the sea shore is called a ___.
    a. beach
    b. beech

  2. To begin any new business sufficient ___ is necessary.
    a. capital
    b. capitol

  3. The restaurant was especially famous for its ___ menu.
    a. desert
    b. dessert

  4. A ___ tree has small evergreen leaves and red berries.
    a. ewe
    b. you
    c. yew

  5. A person under the age of 20 is called a ___ in Japan.
    a. miner
    b. minor

  6. They ___ to be happy but appearances can be deceiving.
    a. seam
    b. seem

  7. A versatile spice for meat and salad dressings is ___.
    a. time
    b. thyme

  8. One of the most hard-working of all insects is the ___.
    a. ant
    b. aunt

  9. She spread a ___ of cold cream on her face every night.
    a. lair
    b. layer

  10. The den smelled of freshly polished ___ and old cigars.
    a. wood
    b. would

  11. What has man ___ through his greed and quest for power?
    a. wrought
    b. rot

  12. In English, proper names always begin with a ___ letter.
    a. capital
    b. capitol

  13. I would ___ you to take his offer rather than refuse it.
    a. council
    b. counsel

  14. The heat in the garden made the woman feel ___ and weak.
    a. faint
    b. feint

  15. He had a ___ complexion so he had to avoid too much sun.
    a. fair
    b. fare

  16. I am shopping for a ___ hat to wear to the garden party.
    a. knew
    b. new

  17. The burglar stowed his ___ in a large canvas duffel bag.
    a. loot
    b. lute

  18. My least favorite job is to ___ the potatoes for supper.
    a. peal
    b. peel

  19. When people cry their ___ can be for both joy or sorrow.
    a. tears
    b. tiers

  20. Because of the bad weather ___ not going to go swimming.
    a. they're
    b. their
    c. there

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