Homonyms - Quiz 16

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  1. Things are not as they ___.
    a. seam
    b. seem

  2. A type of corn is called ___.
    a. maize
    b. maze

  3. On the ___, he is a nice person.
    a. whole
    b. hole

  4. He ___ better but he did it anyway.
    a. knew
    b. new

  5. Always try to buy low and ___ high.
    a. sell
    b. cell

  6. Didn't you ___ me when I called you?
    a. hear
    b. here

  7. A rank lower than general is ___.
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  8. Do not ___ in the affairs of other.
    a. medal
    b. meddle

  9. Do you really ___ the money?
    a. knead
    b. kneed
    c. need

  10. During the summer I work as a tour ___.
    a. guide
    b. guyed

  11. I will have a ___ sandwich on rye bread.
    a. stake
    b. steak

  12. I told ___ not to go but he would not listen.
    a. him
    b. hymn

  13. His car broke down so he called for a ___ truck.
    a. toe
    b. tow

  14. If you run a bear will chase and try to ___ you.
    a. mall
    b. maul

  15. If you sleep with ___ hair you will catch a cold.
    a. wet
    b. whet

  16. A vein of gold in a mine is known as the mother ___.
    a. load
    b. lode

  17. I want to ___ you for your delicious meal.
    a. complement
    b. compliment

  18. He was not ___ to stay up later than 9:00 at night.
    a. allowed
    b. aloud

  19. My son has ___ 10 centimeters since this past summer.
    a. groan
    b. grown

  20. He ___ flowers to his mother on Mother's Day.
    a. cent
    b. scent
    c. sent

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