Homonyms - Quiz 17

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  1. If the traffic is jammed, why don't you take another ___.
    a. root
    b. route

  2. He ___ constantly about the expense of those dinners.
    a. wind
    b. wined
    c. whined

  3. I hate to ___ the subject but have you ever considered moving out?
    a. broach
    b. brooch

  4. Velvet has a soft ___.
    a. knap
    b. nap

  5. I hear it all the ___.
    a. time
    b. thyme

  6. Do you want to go ___?
    a. higher
    b. hire

  7. She ___ kisses to her lover.
    a. blew
    b. blue

  8. I was ___ to obey my elders.
    a. taught
    b. taut

  9. What ___ of shoes do you wear?
    a. sighs
    b. size

  10. What ___ you like for breakfast?
    a. wood
    b. would

  11. This ___ is about traffic safety.
    a. lessen
    b. lesson

  12. The ___ rushed in and covered the beach.
    a. tide
    b. tied

  13. Only ___ can make my life complete.
    a. ewe
    b. you
    c. yew

  14. The ___ bear is a very dangerous animal.
    a. grisly
    b. grizzly

  15. His ___ attention was focused on the film.
    a. rapt
    b. wrapped

  16. The ___ shop sold dress, veils and flowers.
    a. bridal
    b. bridle

  17. The ___ shop sold saddles, spurs and cowboy hats.
    a. bridal
    b. bridle

  18. That ___ has been in the river for hundreds of years.
    a. weir
    b. we're

  19. The ___ character in the play is a middle-aged widow.
    a. principal
    b. principle

  20. Jerry ___ so much syrup over his pancakes that you can hardly see the plate.
    a. pores
    b. pours

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