Homonyms - Quiz 18

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  1. You reap what you ___.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  2. The heart is a ___ of love.
    a. symbol
    b. cymbal

  3. Put that into the ___ cabinet.
    a. file
    b. phial

  4. Frank and ___ are best friends.
    a. earnest
    b. Ernest

  5. Love made my heart ___ like an eagle.
    a. soar
    b. sore

  6. Grandfather was a ___ and hearty man.
    a. hail
    b. hale

  7. They say that ___ comes before a fall.
    a. pride
    b. pried

  8. What have you ___ that is so frightening?
    a. scene
    b. seen

  9. They say that ___ going to get colder this week.
    a. its
    b. it's

  10. The coat might be ___ but it is not poorly made.
    a. cheap
    b. cheep

  11. For heaven's sake ___ be glad to have you stay with us.
    a. weed
    b. we'd

  12. The cracks in the ___ were made by the weight of the chandelier.
    a. ceiling
    b. sealing

  13. The fraction that is calculated for an angle by dividing the length of the opposite side is the "___".
    a. sign
    b. sine

  14. An Arab prince or chief is called a ___.
    a. shake
    b. sheik

  15. Where can you ___ flannel shirts?
    a. buy
    b. by

  16. A delicious fruit is the French ___.
    a. pear
    b. pair

  17. Harry carried his golf ___ in his hip pocket.
    a. tease
    b. tees

  18. Birds catch worms that come out with the morning ___.
    a. dew
    b. do
    c. due

  19. She had her first cup of ___ when she was three.
    a. tea
    b. tee

  20. Give me a new ___ of socks.
    a. pear
    b. pair

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