Homonyms - Quiz 19

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  1. Cocaine is an ___ drug.
    a. elicit
    b. illicit

  2. The breakfast ___ is on aisle four.
    a. cereal
    b. serial

  3. I am very honored to ___ you.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  4. The President ___ the opening pitch.
    a. threw
    b. through

  5. He made a hole in the leather with the ___.
    a. all
    b. awl

  6. We have a ___ and a butler in our employ.
    a. made
    b. maid

  7. Some people store liquid in a hollow ___.
    a. gored
    b. gourd

  8. He came in ___ so he did not get a medal.
    a. forth
    b. fourth

  9. Your seats are on the first ___ of balconies.
    a. tear
    b. tier

  10. It takes a couple of hours for bread ___ to rise.
    a. doe
    b. dough

  11. Tell me directly. Don't just ___ to some problem
    a. elude
    b. allude

  12. He squeezed out a ___ of power at the end of the race.
    a. serge
    b. surge

  13. To give someone a wide ___ means to stay out of their way.
    a. berth
    b. birth

  14. The Queen ___ the Prime Minister good bye at the end of their meeting.
    a. bad
    b. bade

  15. If someone offers to ___ the hatchet, it means they want to stop fighting.
    a. berry
    b. bury

  16. It is hard to ___ an honest living.
    a. earn
    b. urn

  17. Plug the ___ into the electrical outlet.
    a. chord
    b. cord

  18. I am shopping for a ___ hat to wear to the garden party.
    a. knew
    b. new

  19. Her skirt was the color of ___.
    a. done
    b. dun

  20. The child grabbed the cat by the ___.
    a. tail
    b. tale

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