Homonyms - Quiz 24

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  1. Watch your steps. Take one ___ at a time.
    a. stair
    b. stare

  2. Could you tell me ___ I might find a camp stove?
    a. ware
    b. wear
    c. where

  3. You ___ of onions! What did you eat?
    a. reek
    b. wreak

  4. That makes no ___!
    a. cents
    b. sense

  5. I ___ the lottery!
    a. won
    b. one

  6. I would like some, ___.
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  7. In computer terms, do you know the difference between a bit and a ___?
    a. bight
    b. bite
    c. byte

  8. She bought twelve, consumed ___ and had four donuts leftover.
    a. ate
    b. eight

  9. I need a $100 ___.
    a. loan
    b. lone

  10. I love him in ___.
    a. always
    b. all ways

  11. Pass the salt ___.
    a. pleas
    b. please

  12. Knit one, ___ two.
    a. pearl
    b. purl

  13. Do you stay at $10 or do you want to raise the ___?
    a. ante
    b. anti

  14. The ___ rose at 5:15 today.
    a. son
    b. sun

  15. Do not ___ to me.
    a. lie
    b. lye

  16. Yes, I am ___.
    a. already
    b. all ready

  17. You are a ___.
    a. liar
    b. lyre

  18. You be back home ___ midnight!
    a. buy
    b. by

  19. I just can not ___ to go climbing.
    a. wait
    b. weight

  20. People stop and ___ but I don't care.
    a. stair
    b. stare

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