Homonyms - Quiz 25

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  1. I like spaghetti ___ I don't eat it often.
    a. but
    b. butt

  2. How do you get ___ from here?
    a. their
    b. there
    c. they're

  3. Get me the gift ___ that I left on the counter.
    a. rap
    b. wrap

  4. Sheila let Barry ___ the prize away from her.
    a. rest
    b. wrest

  5. I have known him ___ we were school children.
    a. sense
    b. since

  6. I keep an extra ___ of shoes at my office.
    a. pear
    b. pair
    c. pare

  7. I didn't mean to ___ your dress when I grabbed your arm.
    a. tare
    b. tear

  8. It is a shame to ___ water.
    a. waist
    b. waste

  9. My dream is to ___ a best selling novel.
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  10. We always had a ___ living with us so our meals were never quiet.
    a. boarder
    b. border

  11. The plates had a ___ edging and had painted roses in the center.
    a. gild
    b. guild
    c. guilt

  12. Madonna is a pop ___.
    a. idle
    b. idol

  13. It is a crime to ___.
    a. steal
    b. steel

  14. The tables were ___. They were nailed to the floor.
    a. stationary
    b. stationery

  15. Think before you ___.
    a. chute
    b. shoot

  16. The electrical ___ is dangerous if you touch it.
    a. currant
    b. current

  17. The Greek letter ___ is used in geometry to express the fixed ration of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
    a. pi
    b. pie

  18. This afternoon ___ going out to the beach.
    a. weir
    b. we're

  19. My father is the ___ to the company
    a. air
    b. heir

  20. His behavior is ___ boorish and rude.
    a. altogether
    b. all together

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