Homonyms - Quiz 28

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  1. The ___ opens in a forest.
    a. scene
    b. seen

  2. Who ___ better that you do.
    a. knows
    b. nose

  3. Her ___ soup was a family favorite.
    a. pea
    b. pee

  4. I was ___ in a small town but I moved to the city when I was twelve.
    a. born
    b. borne

  5. Who ___ today's game?
    a. one
    b. won

  6. The boat was ___ and began to sink.
    a. hold
    b. holed

  7. Chocolate ___ is a delicious dessert.
    a. moose
    b. mousse

  8. An organism with a single ___ is called protozoa.
    a. cell
    b. sell

  9. The statistical table had three ___ and two columns.
    a. rose
    b. rows

  10. The weather ___ has a rooster design on it.
    a. vane
    b. vain
    c. vein

  11. The heat in the garden made the woman feel ___ and weak.
    a. faint
    b. feint

  12. The red cross is a ___ of emergency health care.
    a. cymbal
    b. symbol

  13. I would not make a good surgeon because I have a ___ stomach.
    a. weak
    b. week

  14. I could never be a ___ because I could never spend long hours underground.
    a. miner
    b. minor

  15. You are so ___ that you think that everyone is looking at you.
    a. vane
    b. vain
    c. vein

  16. The dog will ___ all night if you leave him outside.
    a. whine
    b. wine

  17. A ___ is a North American wild cat.
    a. links
    b. lynx

  18. The uniform was made of thick ___.
    a. serge
    b. surge

  19. A ___ in shining armor is every girl's dream.
    a. night
    b. knight

  20. Scuba diving near a ___ reef is exciting and colorful.
    a. choral
    b. coral

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