Homonyms - Quiz 29

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  1. The bride looked at her husband shyly from behind her ___.
    a. vale
    b. veil

  2. The balance ___ was $5.55.
    a. dew
    b. do
    c. due

  3. I really should have ___ better.
    a. known
    b. none
    c. nun

  4. The politician learned how to smile and ___ even under stress.
    a. waive
    b. wave

  5. A small river is a ___.
    a. creak
    b. creek

  6. A parent ___ all and knows all.
    a. seize
    b. sees

  7. The honey ___ is a hard working insect.
    a. be
    b. bee

  8. The funeral ___ was covered in flowers.
    a. beer
    b. bier

  9. Changing the bandage often will help it ___.
    a. heal
    b. heel

  10. She went to the party with a pink ___ in her hair.
    a. beau
    b. bow

  11. Swimming is only allowed between the pier and the red ___.
    a. boy
    b. buoy

  12. Some houses have a laundry ___ to send the clothes down to the laundry room from the upper floors.
    a. chute
    b. shoot

  13. The workman ___ each brick carefully on the mortar.
    a. lays
    b. laze

  14. The best things take a long ___.
    a. thyme
    b. time

  15. The losing side had to ___ territory.
    a. cede
    b. seed

  16. She was ___ to start singing with no warning.
    a. want
    b. wont

  17. For a special treat, our family likes to serve ___ of lamb.
    a. rack
    b. wrack

  18. May I take a ___ at your new basement?
    a. peak
    b. peek
    c. pique

  19. A ___ tree has small evergreen leaves and red berries.
    a. ewe
    b. you
    c. yew

  20. The tourist used a traveler's ___ to pay for his souvenirs.
    a. check
    b. cheque

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