Homonyms - Quiz 30

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  1. ___ love you.
    a. Aye
    b. Eye
    c. I

  2. Those who follow a vegetarian diet eat no ___.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  3. Oats, wheat and barley are all used to make breakfast ___.
    a. serial
    b. cereal

  4. Go away! ___!
    a. shoe
    b. shoo

  5. I will ___ the job that you offered.
    a. except
    b. accept

  6. If one baby bird begins to ___, all of the the others will start.
    a. cheap
    b. cheep

  7. Go ___ in peace.
    a. forth
    b. fourth

  8. It is father's job to ___ out punishment in our family.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  9. A ___ is said to be able to tell the future.
    a. profit
    b. prophet

  10. You can't really buy anything for one ___.
    a. cent
    b. scent
    c. sent

  11. What do you ___?
    a. sea
    b. see

  12. She was overcome by a fit of ___.
    a. peak
    b. peek
    c. pique

  13. A small shovel is called a___.
    a. spade
    b. spayed

  14. A type of tender chicken is called a ___.
    a. friar
    b. fryer

  15. He had ___ a bad cough but it did not get any worse.
    a. quiet
    b. quite

  16. Andrew ___ his bicycle to school every day.
    a. road
    b. rode
    c. rowed

  17. A basic chemical compound is ___.
    a. fennel
    b. phenol

  18. I prefer ___ music to instrumental music
    a. choral
    b. coral

  19. Some people like corn on the cob but I like ___ corn.
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  20. Meet me in the back ___.
    a. lain
    b. lane

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