Homonyms - Quiz 31

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  1. The logs were placed on a ___ in the fireplace.
    a. grate
    b. great

  2. If you don't sit down, ___ scream.
    a. aisle
    b. isle
    c. I'll

  3. Take a ___ of sand and dump it at the waterfront.
    a. load
    b. lode

  4. If you spend the day in the sun with your shoulders ___, they will burn.
    a. bare
    b. bear

  5. She is not ___ bad.
    a. all
    b. awl

  6. Wind ___ is a leading cause of airplane accidents.
    a. shear
    b. sheer

  7. The small ___ held a lethal dose of poison.
    a. vial
    b. vile

  8. The teacher called the ___ at the beginning of each class.
    a. role
    b. roll

  9. Look carefully and you will see ___ on the shelf.
    a. their
    b. there
    c. they're

  10. The teacher stayed after school to ___ the student who had problems.
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  11. The secret to good bread is in the choice of ___.
    a. flour
    b. flower

  12. She began to ___ during the winter and by spring she died.
    a. ail
    b. ale

  13. The painter loaded the ___ with colors.
    a. palate
    b. palette

  14. Geraldine came and ___ for three weeks last summer.
    a. staid
    b. stayed

  15. Have you ever ridden a ___?
    a. hoarse
    b. horse

  16. My favorite spread for bread is ___ jam.
    a. currant
    b. current

  17. To remove the seeds from an apple one needs to cut out the ___.
    a. core
    b. corps

  18. The carpenter used a ___ to make the plank flat.
    a. plain
    b. plane

  19. The burglar stowed his ___ in a large canvas duffel bag.
    a. loot
    b. lute

  20. The card sharp made his fortune through ___ of hand.
    a. sleight
    b. slight

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